Vaccines dont cause autism -

Vaccines dont cause autism

Vaccines dont cause autism - congratulate, what

This, in comparison to the same period in In , the number of measles cases in Singapore hit the highest since its outbreak in At the time, the islanders were urged to remain vigilant due to its position as an international travel hub. Thankfully, the situation was brought under control and MOH announced there was no outbreak. Today, we are dealing with another type of virus. And with more questions about its vaccine connected to autism, it is all the more important to know about this deadly infection. vaccines dont cause autism

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What Parents Must Know About Measles

Boards Politics Do vaccines cause Autism? User Info: Dynedux. The idea of "doxxing" is idiotic. Why should anyone be able to hide behind the anonymity of the internet?

vaccines dont cause autism

User Info: TonyKojima. No and anyone who believes they do should be stripped of citizenship.

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User Info: ColdOne Goldice posted Because you can't figuratively prove that actually happened. Or that those "changes" actually happened immediately right after the shots and not months after.

vaccines dont cause autism

Or that it wasn't due to the fact that autism normally starts showing at the same age you receive the shots. Or that you weren't exhibiting signs before hand that developed. As others have shown, some of these "suddenly sick" people were already exhibiting signs that were ignored and not paid attention to until after. Eyewitness testimony from my own mother plus hundreds of thousands of parents who don't know each other all experiencing the same thing.

That would be some kind of coincidence to have that many people have the same reaction after their shots and to all vaccines dont cause autism up with Autism. At some point you need to scratch your head or admit denial. Dynedux posted So you can't prove it? Anyone who tries to prove it "kills themself". Already mentioned that.

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The CDC doesn't want the truth getting out. BabyLuigiOnFire posted Wakefield's own studies prove that vaccines work and are safe and effective. Maybe his are. I definitely prefer Heinz over President's Choice. How do you even breathe? FFX is the best game of all time.]

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