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The Chans have a long history of insiders dropping intel to the Anons. Cut to the evening of … Read more Fast and Furious on Steroids? Firstly, my Twitter account got nuked by the powers that be. Welcome back to this, the fifth edition of NeonNotables, for August 23, As always, the goal of this series is to help keep the QAnon community informed of the latest happenings while Q himself is away. Before we begin, just a reminder that we are now 15 days away from Jim Watkins congressional testimony. Expect 8chan to be back online in the days after that testimony. NeonNotables are taking off! Why am I doing this now? Quick Update before the article: I have a Twitter now.

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President's supporters aim for world record boat parade voat greatawakening Voat greatawakening voat greatawakening

Levin marklevinshow November 24, The California Supreme Court is the only piece of government in the state that has any common sense left. Oh dear.

voat greatawakening

This whole Ukraine thing is about to blow up in Dems face so big time. Welcome baby Hartley to the foxandfriends family.

It's like recess without all the dangerous playground equipment. Reminder: Thank God.

Wonder why? DonaldJTrumpJr November 22, Be prepared for bureaucrats at FBI to claim sheer incompetence as their defense to whatever comes out of the Horowitz probe. But the incompetence will-shockingly! People need to stop making Democrats look like a bunch of click Left wing greztawakening by quoting them and sharing their official publications and plans for governance.

a part of the movement to Truth!

NPR reviews new Glenn Simpson book. Says Steele dossier 'found its way to news organizations. Credit to DeAngelisCorey for the scoop. But I did nothing wrong.

voat greatawakening

Read the Transcripts 2! Trump realDonaldTrump November 24, ]

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