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Dry air specific gas constant — Universal gas constant divided by molar mass of dry air Temperature vector — Vector of temperature values for table lookup vector Vector of temperature values, to be used for table lookup of other properties as a function of temperature. Dry air, water vapor, and trace gas properties share the same temperature vector. The default value is [ Dry air specific enthalpy vector — Vector of specific enthalpy values for table lookup vector The vector of specific enthalpy values of dry air, to be used for one-dimensional table lookup based on the corresponding temperature value. The vector size must be the same as the temperature vector size. what are the properties of air.

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What are the properties of air 1 day ago · Compression properties of air I'm interested in how when you move a mic away from an instrument you hear less transient detail. This must mean that the transient part of the wave has been dampened by the air. Apr 13,  · Physics, , trishinada63 Compare the physical properties of air and gold. 2 days ago · Our product cuts down the overall insulation costs of the project. in the same time, due to its excellent mechanical properties, it guarantees a high return on investment in terms of life expectancy. airmaster® XLPE can be used successfully in projects where indoor air quality is a major concern.
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What are the properties of air

Answer from: daltondespain2 Temperature refers to how warm or cold air is, and the density of the air is how many molecules are packed into a certain space of air.

what are the properties of air

But, air pressure also affects temperature - the more those molecules bump into each other, the more heat they generate. Answer from: arodriguez Rising Air creates low pressure while sinking air creates high pressure.

what are the properties of air

WIth high pressure, sinking air suppresses weather development. High air pressure produces clear sky, dry and stable weather.

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In a low pressure zone, wind is circulated onwards and upwards rapidly. As a result, air rise and cools.

what are the properties of air

Clouds and precipitate are formed Temperature refers hot or cold. Another question on Physics Physics, Answers: 1 Answer Physics, ]

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