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Under The Influence: New York Hardcore what is hardcore music

This new, hard-hitting genre was built upon a fiery intensity that transcended all that had come before it. It refined rock music into its simplest, most aggressive form.

what is hardcore music

A sonic relative of thrash metal, hardcore punk is ultimately defined by its staggering pace, ditching the boy scout rock and roll aesthetics and doubling down on abrasion. This of course would come with parallel shifts in the culture that followed.

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The crowds of Hardcore Punk shows were far more involved in the experience. Violent moshing and harsh screaming of the lyrics superseded the traditionally relaxed concert going experience of most music that came before it.

what is hardcore music

Live shows were a cathartic space for fans with anger to vent and an urge to push, sweat and scream. The click of most Hardcore Punk artists and listenersis diametrically opposed hardcor the expectations of outsiders. Most people who are unfamiliar with the genre assume that a Nihilistic, drug-heavy lifestyle and intolerant political views are typical characteristics of the average punk. This notion is in reality very far from the truth. The often sarcastic lyrics of the genre led many uninformed listeners to completely misunderstand the views of the artists.

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The new form of Punk followed the tradition of rejecting commercialism and conformity. Like all forms of punk, hardcore will always be misunderstood to some degree. Skip to content. Authors Maxwell Haber Max Pasion.]

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