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Why are people on the internet so stupid Video

Why Do Stupid People Not Realize They Are Stupid?

Why are people on the internet so stupid - would not

Print Buzzfeed headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Jay L. Just the vile name makes me cringe with disgust and abhorrence. Note: this list is in a completely arbitrary order. BuzzFeed hosts no original content. Why are people on the internet so stupid why are people on the internet so stupid.

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I am a guy, and heterosexual, but most of my friends are women. I wonder, sometimes, if they think I might be gay, though I am not at all the type beard, horrible fashion sense, never liking showtunes! One of my hobbies, is quilting, but as a guy, I don't do it like everyone else! What's the point? I use Polar fleece, and I am often quite a welcome surprise, to the predominately female customers, and employees, in the fabric store!

why are people on the internet so stupid

They are so interested in what I am doing, and why I am picking this, or that, and I have shown pictures of some of the things I intrrnet made to several. I was having one cut some of a special fabric, and she asked what I was making.

I told her my 10 year old nephew really loved dinosaurs, but recently saw Dragons, on Game of Thrones videos. I told her I was going to make him a Dragon, for his birthday, and she was almost crying, but smiling, loving that! Why does anything need to be Gendered?

Why can't a woman LOVE working on cars, or mechanical things?


Why can't a guy just love making quilts, and soft, cuddly toys for children? Guru 20 h Some things are truly gendered and mostly "male only" or "female only.

why are people on the internet so stupid

Likewise, how many men are into shopping just for the hell out of it, fashion, or Pinterest. Most women also aren't logical; they're emotional, so "dry, boring" hobbies are going to be predominantly male.

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OP, you're acting like there's no difference between the genders and how they think, when stupix clearly are. His assumptions were justified, even if he might've been kinda rude in how he said them to you. Yoda Bellatris good post. I am very much in to cars, as are a few of my friends - female friends. But I do believe women are capable of being just as good as men in STEM type of categories if we had the interest men have in them. I am sick and tired of how many women shupid that being an Insta model is the most amazing thing in life. Xper 5 12 h Because, statistically, they are. What that means is that no gender is cut out from starting said hobby, but it's safe to assume, that in a room filled of the brim with people who practice said hobby, the majority is bound to be of a certain why are people on the internet so stupid.

The question is thus legitimate, the interpretation is usually wrong.]

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