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5 Themes of Geography

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Further information: Political geography of Nineteen Eighty-Four Three perpetually warring totalitarian superstates control the world in the novel: [28] Oceania ideology: Ingsoc , formerly known as English Socialism , whose core territories are "the Americas , the Atlantic Islands , including the British Isles , Australasia and the southern portion of Africa. The disputed area is where the superstates capture slave labour. Main article: The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism Many of Orwell's earlier writings clearly indicate that he originally welcomed the prospect of a Socialist revolution in Britain, and indeed hoped to himself take part in such a revolution. The concept of "English Socialism" first appeared in Orwell's " The Lion and the Unicorn: Socialism and the English Genius ", where Orwell outlined a relatively humane revolution - establishing a revolutionary regime which "will shoot traitors, but give them a solemn trial beforehand, and occasionally acquit them" and which "will crush any open revolt promptly and cruelly, but will interfere very little with the spoken and written word"; the "English Socialism" which Orwell foresaw in would even "abolish the House of Lords, but retain the Monarchy". However, at some time between and Orwell evidently became disillusioned and came to the conclusion that also his cherished English Socialism would be perverted into an oppressive totalitarian dictatorship, as bad as Stalin's Soviet Union. Such is the revolution described in Nineteen Eighty-Four. Winston Smith's memories and his reading of the proscribed book, The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism by Emmanuel Goldstein , reveal that after the Second World War , the United Kingdom became involved in a war during the early s in which nuclear weapons destroyed hundreds of cities in Europe, western Russia and North America. Colchester was destroyed, and London also suffered widespread aerial raids, leading Winston's family to take refuge in a London Underground station. 5 themes of geography videos 5 themes of geography videos.

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Audio: Ever wonder how — wherever you are in the world — you are able to navigate to an exact location on a map? Can you recall the main ideas of the theme location in geography? Check over your notes from the initial Related Lesson in this Themes of Geography series, found in the right-hand sidebar.

5 themes of geography videos

Quickly go over the important points. Location can be absolute or relative.

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Absolute location refers to a definite reference to locate a place. The reference can be latitude and longitude, a street address, etc.

5 themes of geography videos

Relative location describes a place with respect to its environment and its connection to other places, e. You will be delving into the world of imaginary lines, the lines that divide our planet and allow us to precisely reference any point on the face of this Earth.

5 themes of geography videos

These lines are called latitude and longitude.]

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