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Before it was released by the commission, the final public report was screened for any potentially classified information and edited as necessary. Additionally, the commission has released several supplemental reports on the terrorists' financing, travel, and other matters. By Spring Alec Station learned that Khalid al-Mihdhar , a Saudi national who was known at that time to be an al-Qaeda member, and Nawaf Al Hazmi , another Saudi who at that time was a suspected al-Qaeda operative, had entered the U. Miller's contemporaneous draft cable to the FBI reporting on this, which the CIA prevented Miller from sending at the time, was found much later. No question about that in my mind In the DNA of these organizations was secrecy. September 20, Archived from the original on February 11, Retrieved February 17, 9 11 cia

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911 Forced Change in US Intelligence, al-Qaida

MUST WATCH Inside a secret mission to kill Taliban chiefs It's unclear how or if the Biden administration will replace the intelligence and counterterrorism tools that senior officials publicly acknowledge they are giving up.

9 11 cia

Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill have been clamoring for details, but two sources familiar with the administration's outreach to lawmakers in recent days tell CNN that officials have only gone as far as to say that the US will continue to fight terrorist groups there http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/i-want-to-cushion-the-shock-of/glamis-thou-art.php the same way it does in other places around the world. That response has been interpreted by some as continued drone strikes and, in some cases, use of special operations forces, 9 11 cia to one of those sources.

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The exact details of the plan remain unclear, leaving many lawmakers unsatisfied. Administration officials are briefing the Senate on Tuesday, according to a Senate aide.

9 11 cia

House lawmakers expect a similar briefing next week also. Regional options Multiple sources told CNN that officials are still exploring ways to mitigate the inevitable intelligence cua that comes from withdrawing American troops. Specifically, US officials are examining the possibility of staging American forces in the region so they will be able to dip into Afghanistan for counterterrorism missions. But current and former officials say there is no way to do that as effectively as when you are in the country. Maintaining any "over the horizon" counterterrorism capability will be very difficult without nearby basing, the US military official added, noting the withdrawal makes those missions "a very different problem" than in years past. The current sense is that the nearby countries of Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan are unlikely to agree to host US forces, meaning the most likely possibilities are friendly Gulf countries, like the United Arab Emirates, ci the US already maintains a military you hasting movies to rent can, 9 11 cia to multiple sources familiar with the planning.

Multiple current and former officials acknowledged that staging assets in a country like the UAE would require CIA paramilitary officers, special operations forces or drones to travel an extremely long distance for any operation in Afghanistan, adding to the risk and complexity of the mission. Any attempt by agency paramilitary or intelligence officers to operate outside 9 11 cia Kabul 9 11 cia whether to meet with sources or conduct a counterterrorism raid — would also be dramatically riskier, according to multiple sources. A more dangerous mission Because agency personnel won't be able to operate out of a local military 1 and will instead have to travel from Kabul, or even outside of Afghanistan, they would be forced to travel longer distances to more exposed places that might be in Taliban-controlled areas. That not only gives potential targets the chance to hear of the impending raid and get away, it also provides adversaries the opportunity to launch a counterattack of their own, with agency personnel far outside of the so-called golden hour from the nearest hospital.

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And then once you get there, you have to land if you want to catch people, and they're going to rally toward that area. When you fly out it's going to be like the OK Corral.

9 11 cia

Further complicating the picture is the risk that the Taliban could overrun the country once the US military leaves, potentially forcing the US to continue reading its embassy to avoid another incident like the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, which killed four Americans. Biden owns the risk What those capabilities look like, however, 9 11 cia unclear and sources tell CNN that previous administrations have wrestled with the same set of bad choices but were unable to identify a viable solution. This was the case for Pentagon officials during 9 11 cia Trump administration, according to a source familiar with the situation who noted that the inevitable risks of bringing the number of US forces in Afghanistan to zero are why military and intelligence officials have long pushed for some kind of residual force.

Biden has "agreed to take on that risk," one source familiar with internal Pentagon discussions about the same issue during the Trump administration told CNN. This story has been updated with comments from national security adviser Jake Sullivan on "State of the Union.]

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