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A good man is hard to find research paper

A good man is hard to find research paper - for the

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Its presence is implied in a variety of astrophysical observations, including gravitational effects that cannot be explained by accepted theories of gravity unless more matter is present than can be seen.

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For this reason, most experts think that dark matter is abundant in the universe and that it has had a strong influence on its structure and evolution. Dark matter is called dark because it does not appear to interact with the electromagnetic fieldwhich means it does not absorb, reflect or emit electromagnetic radiationand is therefore difficult to detect. Primary evidence for dark matter comes from calculations showing that many galaxies would fly apart, or that they would not have formed or would not move as they do, if they did not contain a large amount of unseen matter.

Because dark matter has not yet been observed directly, if it exists, it must barely interact with ordinary baryonic matter and radiation, except through gravity. Most dark matter is thought to be non-baryonic in nature; it may be composed of some as-yet undiscovered subatomic particles.

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Current models favor a cold dark matter scenario, in which structures emerge by gradual accumulation of particles. Although the existence of dark matter is generally accepted by the scientific community, [15] some astrophysicists, intrigued by certain observations which are not well-explained by standard dark matter, argue for various modifications of the standard laws of general relativity mah, such as modified Newtonian dynamicstensor—vector—scalar gravityor entropic gravity.

a good man is hard to find research paper

These models attempt to account for all observations without invoking supplemental non-baryonic matter. The hypothesis of dark matter has an elaborate history.

a good man is hard to find research paper

By using these measurements, he estimated the mass of the galaxy, which he determined is different from the mass of visible stars. Lord Kelvin thus concluded "many of our stars, perhaps a great majority of them, may be dark bodies". The first to suggest the existence of dark matter using stellar velocities was Dutch astronomer Jacobus Kapteyn in InSwiss astrophysicist Fritz Zwickywho studied galaxy clusters while working at the California Institute of Technology, made a similar inference.

Zwicky estimated its mass based on the motions of galaxies near its edge and compared that to an estimate based on its brightness and number of galaxies. He estimated the cluster had about times more mass than was visually observable.

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The gravity effect of the visible galaxies was far too small for such fast orbits, thus mass must be hidden from view. Based on these conclusions, Zwicky inferred some unseen matter provided the mass and associated gravitation attraction to hold the cluster together. Nonetheless, Zwicky did correctly conclude from his calculation that the bulk of the matter was dark.]

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