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In the film, a group of anthropomorphic animals successfully revolt against their own human owner, only to slide into a more brutal tyranny among themselves. As a bleak scene unfolds, a group of animals are seen struggling through the mud during a storm as Jessie, an elderly Border collie and the narrator of the story reflects ankmal the events that led them to their current situation.

animal farm boxer

The film flashes back to the s years earlier. As the cruel and rarely sober farmer, Jonesstruggles with debt to his fellow neighbor PilkingtonOld Majorthe prize Middle White boar of Manor Farm, holds a meeting with all the animals in the barn.

animal farm boxer

Major tells the animals that humanity is their enemy, for they serve and provide for mankind without reward. All the animals then start singing an anthem created by Major, but is interrupted when Jones hears the singing all he hears animal farm boxer just animal noisesonly for him to slip in mud while investigating the sound, accidentally firing his shotgun which indirectly hits Major, causing him to stagger backwards and fall to his death from the top of the barn.


Jones would then later use Major for meat by cutting up his body into joints. That night, when Jones later neglects to feed the animals, Boxera strong and kind-hearted animal farm boxer horseleads the animals to the food shed, eventually resulting in the pigs leading a revolution against Mr. Jones, who flees with his wife and cronies to the Red Lion Inn for refuge. Snowball paints on the barn doors what he calls the Seven Commandments of "Animalism". Meanwhile, Napoleona Berkshire boartakes away Jessie's newborn puppies from animal farm boxer so that he can raise them himself, claiming that it is best for them to bixer an education from him. When confronted by the other animals about the disappearance of the farm's milk and apples, Snowball confesses that he and the other pigs have taken the milk and apples for themselves.

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Napoleon's loyal subordinate Squealer explains that the pigs' well-being takes priority because they are the brains animal farm boxer the farm. Jessie is the only one who is unconvinced. Having learned that Jones is homeless without any money and has lost control of his farm, Pilkington leads an invasion into Animal Farm with other local farm workers led by Frederick so they can overthrow the animals and claim the farm for themselves.

Snowball has planned for such an invasion and successfully leads the animals to battle, eventually causing the humans to retreat in the end. Defeated, Pilkington considers working with the animals instead.

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Later, Snowball proposes that the animals animal farm boxer a windmill to improve their operations, but Napoleon opposes the plan. When the animals show support for Snowball, Napoleon summons Jessie's puppies, now fully grown dogs trained to become Napoleon's private army, to chase Snowball out of Animal Farm and animal farm boxer his fate unknown.

Napoleon lies by declaring Snowball a "traitor and a criminal" fagm Squealer claims that the windmill was in fact Napoleon's plan the whole time; leaving the animals unaware that Napoleon is truly pure evil and is, therefore, the real traitor, with Squealer secretly working as Napoleon's accomplice. Napoleon declares that a "special committee of pigs will now decide all aspects of the farm" and the animals begin constructing the windmill with Boxer's help.]

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