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Black codes jim crow laws definition Video

Segregation and Jim Crow black codes jim crow laws definition.

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Jim crow laws example The four sociological perspectives
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Black codes jim crow laws definition

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black codes jim crow laws definition

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black codes jim crow laws definition

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Kaiser Tito. While the right for white people to do pretty much whatever they want to blacks was literally in the CSA constitution, could the country be forced to change from a combination of internal and external pressure? If we assume that Richmond blinks on slavery in the 's, what events would need to happen to black codes jim crow laws definition the planter class' monopoly on power? Is black suffrage a possibility and when is the absolute soonest a black man can be elected President of the CSA?

Would a politician from one of New Orleans' free black families have a shot? Analytical Engine. Something tells me that is going to take a while. I think Brazil could serve as an example of how a post secession CSA would work except for one important detail: race mixing.

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In Brazil mixing with blacks was THE way lzws elite choose to "dissolve" the black population among the greater non black population. It was of efficiency but it probably laqs to calm the nerves ofthe elite. So my guess something more akin to the apartheid and Jim Crown are gonna follow the eventual abolition of slavery in likevtheclate 19th century.

Maybe a little latter then brazil, in the s. Last edited: Saturday at AM. Jackson Lennock. In the s they might just replace slavery with a system of 'apprenticeship' and 'black codes' and 'convict leasing' that amount to slavery in all but name. You might black codes jim crow laws definition up with the country 'liberalizing' for lack of a better word and coopting mixed-race persons into white supremacy rather than doing the OTL opposite's one-drop rule. But such a person would be part and parcel part of the white establishment, most likely. Maybe an old money Free Black New Orleans family becomes successful enough to succeed politically in the late 20th Century. To overturn a White Planter Aristocracy would a political alliance of groups opposed to a national elite, which likely would be a mix of Black businesspersons locked out of white society and cros whites there's no way that the CSA by the late 20th century would allow a black link any more liberal than, say, Rhodesia Kaiser Tito said:.

Smarter people than me have pointed out that absent post-emancipation emigration from the South and the 20th Century's Great Migration, the Deep South would have been majority black byand the CS as a whole would have been majority black by and maybe even earlier.]

black codes jim crow laws definition

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