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Buffy filipino singer buffy filipino singer. buffy filipino singer

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MORE - K/DA 「متن ترانه」

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Na, na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na-na. Know I got it and never runnin' low Low Yeah, I got more than enough, add it up and away Ayy, online p7 You know I got it like bomb-bomb, blow your mind Never givin' less and that's how it'll stay Ayy, ayy You know I got it like all day, all the time [Verse 2: Jaira Burns] When I go, it's for gold Yeah, they cool, but I'm cold I don't fit in the mold I'm a rebel I buffy filipino singer do what you say Makin' moves, I don't wait While I smile in your face.

buffy filipino singer

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buffy filipino singer

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