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Ivan Pavlov - was a Russian physiologist and scientist who stood out mainly due to his works on psychologh dog conditioning, which would later serve as the basis for developing disciplines year starbucks fiscal as behaviorism and modern psychology. From the earliest years of life, Pavlov showed great curiosity as well as a drive he called "the research instinct. Thus, Pavlov decided to abandon his religious career and start studying natural sciences, for which he went classical theory psychology the University of Saint Petersburg in There he began to receive classes in physics and mathematics, but soon became interested in more practical subjects such as biology and human and animal behavior. In Pavlov received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work clzssical classical dog conditioning, thus becoming the first person of Russian nationality to receive this award.

His research is among classical theory psychology most important of the 20th century, and has served to develop all kinds of educational and clinical techniques.

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Ivan Pavlov was born on September 14, in the city of Ryazan, Russia. He was the son of Peter Pavlov, who served as a local and educated him pscyhology the Orthodox faith.

His first studies were carried out in the local church itself, and later he entered the seminary to also become a priest. However, Pavlov's religious career did not last long.

classical theory psychology

Moved by the ideas of some progressive classical theory psychology who had achieved fame in his day, Ivan decided to leave the seminary and dedicate himself to studying physiology and natural sciences. However, as in his time this subject could not be exercised separately, he enrolled in the career of physics and mathematics. Pavlov quickly became passionate about physiology, which would later assume great importance in his life.

Early years

During his first year he studied the pancreatic nerves classical theory psychology described their physiology, in a work that was widely acclaimed and awarded an academic award that motivated him to continue researching. Pavlov got his science degree inwith outstanding grades. Even so, not satisfied with this achievement, he enrolled in the Russian Academy of Medical Surgery to continue learning more about physiology, the subject that interested him most at the time. After passing a very complex exam and in which there was a lot of competition, Ivan Pavlov obtained a scholarship to study i, robot author this center. At the same time, he obtained the position of director of the physiology laboratory at the center that had been created by S. Botkin, one of the most famous doctors of the time. Therefore, from this point on he was able to fully focus on the investigation.

Classical theory psychology of Pavlov's first feats in the field of research was to turn the classical theory psychology department of the Institute of Experimental Medicine into one of the main centers for the study of this subject worldwide. He joined it inand continued to hold the same position for 45 years, practically until the time of his death. In addition to this, in the same year Theeory Pavlov joined the Military Medical Academy, serving as classifal professor at this academic center.

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Later, inhe was offered the position of Professor of Physiology at this same institution, a position which he accepted and held classical theory psychology It was precisely during this time that Pavlov carried out much of his most important studies on physiology, especially that related to digestive processes.

Perhaps his most important discovery in this period was the method of surgically implanting external cannulas that allowed observing the functioning classical theory psychology the organs without having to open the animal's body. This completely revolutionized the physiology of the time, since until then the only way to observe the organs was to open them once the animal had died.

classical theory psychology

In this way, much data was unknown about the digestion process, and with his innovations Pavlov opened the door to a flood of new data in this regard. In addition to this, this Russian researcher was one of the first to highlight the importance of the nervous system in classical theory psychology digestion, a discovery that is the basis of the most modern psychologh in physiology.]

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