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Jump to navigation. Conservation and environmental groups are lauding an order issued by the newly appointed Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, which reverses a slew of pro-fossil fuel actions enacted by Interior secretaries Ryan Zinke and David Bernhardt during the Trump administration. Kristen Miller, conservation director at Alaska Wilderness League, said the orders "are another important step toward restoring scientific integrity, meaningful public process, and the longstanding stewardship responsibilities for America's public lands and waters at the Department of Interior. This is the type of bold and visionary leadership we need if we're to effectively fight climate change, tackle the extinction crisis, and prioritize environmental justice and tribal consultation. Today, SecHaaland revoked a dozen pro-Big Oil and anti-environment orders from the Trump administration. Little by little the toxic Trump environmental legacy is being overturned. In addition to rescinding a slate of pro-extraction Trump administration actions, Haaland also issued Secretarial Order , which establishes a Climate Task Force with the Department of Interior. Haaland is a a terrible choice for Interior secretary. These steps may well be good steps for the environment but given enough time, Haaland will facilitate turning public land over to various Indian tribes thereby making that land unavailable for use by non-Indians. conserving fossil fuel.

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For Immediate Release, April 14, Climate Goals. The letter asks conserving fossil fuel Interior Department to evaluate a legal finding of climate harm from fossil fuel expansion. It describes how the administration can use existing laws to end new fossil fuel leasing onshore and offshore and manage a just, conserving fossil fuel decline of production consistent with its goal of limiting global warming to 1. The letter also calls for the fair and meaningful involvement of communities vulnerable to climate change, affected by or dependent upon the federal fossil fuel program.

In February the Biden administration issued an executive order pausing oil and gas leasing onshore and offshore pending a climate review of federal fossil fuel programs.

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In June the Interior Department will issue an interim report describing findings from a March online forum and public comments being solicited through April In January, conserving fossil fuel, Native American, religious and business groups sent the then president-elect text for a more info executive order to ban new fossil fuel leasing and permitting on federal public lands and waters. This will inevitably show the need for a ban on new leasing and a just, orderly decline of oil and gas extraction on public lands and waters. This unbalanced approach must stop now. This starts with permanently halting new leases on public lands and waters.

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The fossil fuel industry has for too long put profit above all else. The leasing pause is a valuable way to review impacts conseving align priorities toward a livable future. We cannot expect to adapt our way out of the climate, ecological and health crises exacerbated by oil and gas extraction.

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Background Fossil fuel production on public lands causes about a quarter of U. Peer-reviewed science estimates that a nationwide federal fossil fuel leasing ban would reduce carbon emissions by million tons per year, ranking it among the most ambitious federal climate-policy proposals in recent years. Oil, gas and coal extraction uses mines, well pads, gas lines, roads and other infrastructure that destroys habitat for wildlife, including threatened and endangered species. Oil spills and other harms from offshore drilling have done immense damage to conserving fossil fuel wildlife and coastal communities.

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Fracking and mining also pollute watersheds and waterways that provide drinking water to millions of people. Federal fossil fuels that have not been leased to industry contain up to billion tons of potential climate pollution; those already leased to industry contain up to 43 billion tons. The Center for Biological Diversity is link national, nonprofit conservation organization with more than 1.

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