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Spanking is not a thing of the past. If you are working in a classroom, you most likely have direct experience of this reality. Most of us have students who are spanked. Many of us also remember being spanked when we were children or have spanked our own children.

corporal punishment quotes

In fact, about half of parents in the Cotporal report that they have spanked their child under age 9 within the last year Finkelhor et al. In research terms, spanking is called corporal punishment. Corporal punishment happens when someone intentionally causes physical harm even mild to someone else in corporal punishment quotes to give them negative feedback to punish them for bad behavior.

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In the United States, "mild" corporal punishment is completely legal if it happens at home. In care settings like schools, it is against the law in only 31 states Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment of Children While spanking is often seen as socially acceptable, new research suggests that even mild corporal punishment in childhood may have negative long-term consequences for brain development. Read on for corporal punishment quotes.

corporal punishment quotes

Inthe American Academy of Pediatrics Sege et al. Surprisingly, there is a significant lack of research on how and to what extent mild corporal punishment aka spanking influences brain development.

corporal punishment quotes

In April ofthe first paper specifically looking at this topic was published. Cuartes and colleagues used brain imaging to see how the brains of children who had been spanked but not "abused" handled fear.

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They found that spanking leads to alterations in some of the same brain areas that are associated with physical abuse. Typically, the affected brain regions help us to make decisions, respond corporal punishment quotes important cues from the environment, and punishmenh what's happening in a given situation. When discussing these findings, Katie McLaughlin one of the study researchers reported that:. If you use corporal punishment, don't panic. You can change your practices right now and learn a new way. Your children are also resilient.

When they are exposed to new circumstances, their brains will forge new pathways. Remember that the brain can change at all stages of life. So, just start where you are. Think ahead and come up with a different plan for how you will respond the next time a situation arises where corporal punishment would have been your go to response.]

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