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SOCIAL PENETRATION THEORY ALTMAN Moral relativism is rife within the modern British psyche. As an aside there is a somewhat valid point that subjecting all children to an inspection of their genitalia is more traumatic to the whole population than to the few that receive mutilation. 6 days ago · An essentialist cultural discourse of FM not only leads to cultural relativism and reductionism, but also obscures the socio-political contexts that underpin the practice of FM (Gill and Anitha, , p. ). The dynamics between gender, culture and structure are crucial and, for the first time in this field, we have adopted the framework of. 2 hours ago · It means I don't believe in cultural relativism (for many reasons I won't go into at the moment). A culture that accepts female genital mutilation is to me clearly inferior to one that doesn't accept it, just like one which assigns women a secondary status is inferior to one which recognizes equality of the sexes.
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MEDIEVAL TOURTURE Moral relativism is rife within the modern British psyche. As an aside there is a somewhat valid point that subjecting all children to an inspection of their genitalia is more traumatic to the whole population than to the few that receive mutilation. 2 days ago · The article by Clifford Geertz of “Common Sense as a Cultural System” causes a reader to understand and re-evaluate what for most is a simple thought process in which many people have to react to a given situation. Clifford Geertz takes this principle of human consciousness and researches the deeper understanding of this social construct. 16 hours ago · Cultural Relativism is a line of thought that claims that there is no such. thing as universal truth in ethics; there are only the various cultural codes, and nothing more. In the case of Fauziya Kassindja, suppose we say that excision/FGM (along with early marriage) is wrong.
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fgm cultural relativism Fgm cultural relativism

In a first-of-its-kind legal case, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala is being prosecuted in Detroit, Michigan for violating a federal law against female genital mutilation.

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Nagarwala was indicted alongside another woman who was allegedly present in the room during the mutilation. Nagarwala is accused of performing female genital mutilation on two seven-year-old girls who fgm cultural relativism been brought from Minnesota for the procedure. It is difficult to discuss this topic in a neutral fashion. For one, there is intense controversy even over the language used to describe it.

fgm cultural relativism

From fgm cultural relativism perspective of individual health, FGM can be extremely harmful and has no positive health benefits. The WHO notes such negative immediate consequences as extreme pain, excessive bleeding, fever, injury to surrounding genital tissue, and even gfm.

Potential long-term consequences include urinary problems, vaginal problems, menstrual problems, pain during intercourse, increased risk of childbirth complications, and psychological problems.

fgm cultural relativism

People have a right to health, security, and physical integrity. More specifically, people have a right to be free from torture and degrading treatment.

Male Circumcision should be Promoted in Developing Countries as a Means of HIV Prevention

FGM violates these rights of individuals. Given that FGM is usually carried out on girls between infancy and 15, FGM cannot be defended on the basis of consent given by the victim, for children are unable to give rational consent to undergo procedures with such serious potential consequences.

fgm cultural relativism

FGM also constitutes a form of sexual discrimination, because it is fgm cultural relativism exclusively on women, is associated with cultural ideals of femininity, and is often done to satisfy male desires for what they consider to be pleasurable sexual intercourse and marriageable partners. So, the case against FGM seems straightforward from a Western perspective.

However, there are philosophically interesting wrinkles worth considering. First, some have preferred a harm-reduction approach to FGM. Harm reduction originated as a public health approach to drug abuse. Operating under the assumption that drug abuse is an unavoidable public health problem, harm-reduction policies seek to reduce the harm associated with drug abuse, rather than seeking to end drug abuse altogether.

Clifford Geertz's Common Sense As A Cultural System

One example is needle exchange programs, which provide intravenous drug users fgm cultural relativism needles so as to reduce the chance of relatiism HIV or hepatitis. Those who defend a harm reduction approach to female genital mutilation argue that decades of attempts to eradicate the practice completely relatvism not succeeded, and are unlikely to succeed soon. Trained health professionals and governments should, instead, promote the least invasive and least harmful forms of genital mutilation—such as very minor symbolic incisions—and provide communities safe and sterile environments to perform them in. A more radical dissent against the Western consensus opposition to FGM argues that the Western critique of FGM is not applicable to the cultures where it is practiced, because these see more do not accept the fgm cultural relativism moral standards of human rights. On this line of thought, moral standards are culture bound, rather than universal.

It is important to differentiate a descriptive and a normative interpretation of this moral relativism.]

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