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Genetically modified organisms have many unknown discrepancies that effect the human body negatively over time. Everyone deserves to know exactly what their consuming and assurance of healthy, authentic foods and products. Consuming healthy fresh fruits and veggies? Health risks of genetically modified foods — PubMed nih. GMOs are genetically modified organisms that remain in we eat, or ingest. Genetically modified organisms are unpredictable and unreliable. Their purpose is to preserve fresh fruits and veggies alongside more frequently used products. You might be thinking why do GMOs matter, and what do they mean for you and your body. Foods like oatmeal, corn, oils, soybeans, and many other products that we ingest on a day-to-day basis are unknowingly harmful and filled with GMOs- as genetically modified crops pros and cons as crops, pesticides, and animal products.

GMOs are also known to trigger allergic reactions, some of the main GMO integrated foods are eggs, milk, fish, peanuts, shellfish, wheat, and gluten.

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Joseph Mercola. While there are important ways to address this challenge — such as monitoring GM foods after they reach the market — the unfortunate reality is that it is only after the damage is done that we sometimes discover the issue. In these instances, a reaction ends up being too little, too late. GMOs have been proven to cause harmful defects on the environment and your body. Some of their go here culprits are glyphosate and round-up.

Glyphosate has been restricted in over 20 countries nationally. In California issued a warning about glyphosate stating the chemical was added to their list of carcinogen chemicals declared geneticxlly drinking water, and the toxic enforcement act.

How Is Foods Be Easily Modified?

A couple in California had several run-ins with glyphosate and eventually sued Monsanto in Glyphosate is present in oat-based breakfast cereals, granolas, oat bars, and instant oats by general mills and quaker — these were tested for glyphosate. Some of the foods include: honey nut cheerios medley crunch, nature valley crunchy granola bars most flavors, variations. Source: What Foods Have Glyphosate?

Other glyphosate foods: the guardian- almonds, beets, beet sugar, canola oil, carrots, corn, corn oil, quinoa, soy products, kodified potatoes, and vegetable oil.


There are other ways to harvest these crops that do not risk our health and well-being. Cookies by Annies, Kashi, Oreos. Snack bars by quaker, kind, nature valley, Kelloggs.]

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