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Share on Tumblr 1. In addition, the unit served to introduce us to other units in this course. You can now define socialization, identify and discuss the agents of socialization, and specify the values of interpersonal relationships. It is now time for us to discuss a very relevant and useful unit: juvenile delinquency. Let us take a look at what other content you should learn in this unit as specified in the objectives below. According to the law, if a young lawbreaker is legally defined as a juvenile delinquent, he cannot be charged with crime or treated as a criminal. Like the neglected and dependent child, he becomes a ward of the state. Sometimes, as in the case of murder, the young lawbreaker is charged with a crime, tried and punished in the regular courts. For most other offences, however, the law requires that an offender under a certain age be adjudged delinquent and not criminal. Juvenile delinquency topics

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The Juvenile Delinquent Act Words 2 Pages children the image that they can get whatever they want, harm whomever, do anything, will psychologically plant a new seed of mischief. Children can commit crime and not be imprisoned if we do not repeal the Juvenile Delinquent Act. In fact, juvenile crimes rose in despite the implementation of the Act in This shows that the most effective way to combat crime is to promise just punishment. It may seem harsh but crimes should be dealt with justice. Should the offense of a child and an adult be Juvenile Justice System Analysis Words 6 Pages offenders and adults have very different needs and circumstances. While most countries have a youth justice system in place, the parameters that regulate each vary extensively in some cases. In Canada, you would be charged Juvenile Delinquency Is Not Acceptable Words 8 Pages Juvenile delinquency is when minors commit criminal acts or offenses that are against the law and in which adult prosecution is not acceptable. It is interesting to note that this was not always the case. juvenile delinquency topics

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Topics Covered in This Course: In Section 1 of this course you will cover these topics: Juvenile delinquency: the act, actor, and audience. A sociological overview: society, norms, conformity, and deviant behavior.

juvenile delinquency topics

In Section 2 of this course you will cover these topics: The dimensions of the delinquency problem. Biological explanations of juvenile delinquency.

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In Section 3 of this exam you will be evaluated on below listed topics: Psychogenic explanations of juvenile delinquency. Sociological explanations of delinquency: social strain and cultural transmission theories.

juvenile delinquency topics

In Section 4 of this course you will cover these topics: Sociological explanations of juvenile delinquency: social learning and social control theories. Delinqunecy explanations of juvenile delinquency: labeling and radical theories. In Section 5 of this course you will cover these topics: The future for causal explanations of delinquency: the ongoing process of theory-building. The family and juvenile delinquency.

juvenile delinquency topics

Schools and delinquency. Juvenile gangs and delinquent behavior. Juveniles and the police.]

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