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What Is Goal-Setting Theory? Definition, Principles, Disadvantages and Advantages February 22, Goal-setting theory is a primary employee-engagement tactic as well as a great way to boost results in a company. This theory involves setting specific and measurable goals to increase the likelihood of completing these goals. Incorporating the goal-setting theory into the workplace is a great way to improve employee performance as well as bolster employee engagement. Here we discuss the definition of goal-setting theory, the principles of this theory and how to use them and the advantages and disadvantages of goal-setting theory. What is goal-setting theory? Goal-setting theory is a theory based on the idea that setting specific and measurable goals is more effective than setting unclear goals. Edwin A. In this book, Locke showed how employees are more motivated by well-defined goals and constructive feedback and are more likely to accomplish these goals when they are specific and measurable. lockes goal setting theory Lockes goal setting theory

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lockes goal setting theory

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lockes goal setting theory

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