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Managing conflict through communication 5th edition - excited

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Cahn, D. Managing Conflict Through Communication, 5th Edition. Upper Saddle River: Pearson. Perhaps all supervisors should take a course in conflict management.

managing conflict through communication 5th edition

Or perhaps better still, all employees, both supervisors and subordinates, should study conflict management. Anyone who has worked, knows that the workplace is filled with issues and disagreements pertaining to these.

managing conflict through communication 5th edition

Even a straightforward task of assigning professional people to work different shifts can produce a lot of conflict as the next case study suggests. The purpose of this activity is to apply correctly the key concepts, principles, and suggestions from Chapter 12 to the case study.

I had worked with some of these nurses as equals, but now I was playing a supervisory role; suddenly, my friends were now my subordinates. Deciding how to deal with the various conflicts was quite challenging at first.

managing conflict through communication 5th edition

One of my greatest challenges was trying to make the monthly work schedule. The problem was that everyone wanted specific time off, which would sometimes mean that most of the staff would request to be off on a particular day.

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I think that some of my former colleagues thought that they should be treated differently and get whatever they wanted because they were my friends. Since we were already short workers, it was impossible to give everyone what they wanted, and as such, coommunication was up to me to decide how it was going to be done in a way that would ensure we had enough people to provide quality patient care, while at the same time not alienate my colleagues. I decided to set up a pattern of rotation in which everyone was treated equally and fairly, but that has resulted in a lot of complaints for personal reasons.

This case study is adapted from the original version in Cahn, D. Read more info case study 2.]

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