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Dana M. Kaplan; Niclosamide rescues microcephaly in a humanized in vivo model of Zika infection using human induced neural stem cells. Biol Open 15 January ; 7 1 : bio Zika virus ZIKV is a mosquito-transmitted flavivirus with a causative link to microcephaly, a condition resulting in reduced cranial size and brain abnormalities. Despite recent progress, there is a current lack of in vivo models that permit the study of systemic virus on human neurons in a developing organism that replicates the pathophysiology of human disease. microcephaly symptoms

The adverse event-deniers who insist that vaccines are percent safe and never cause any problems in children clearly missed a little-known study published by the United States Government. This paper reveals a clear link between the popular Tdap vaccine for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis whooping cough and microcephalya neurological birth defect that in recent years authorities have been erroneously blaming on the Zika virus.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI offered up clear evidence at the time showing that the combination jab can cause not only brain damage in young children, but also heart problems, meningitis and epilepsy. Epidemiological evidence from human case studies showed that within weeks or even days of getting the Tdap shot, children developed infantile microcephaly symptoms and other common symptoms of microcephaly directly related to the vaccine.

Earlier research cited in microcephaly symptoms same government report from pinpoint what scientists described as infantile spasms immediately following pertussis immunization.

microcephaly symptoms

Six children evaluated as part of this earlier research all developed seizures and other problems in conjunction with getting the pertussis vaccination, which the authors described as being caused by one of the following:. Numerous studies published between the microcephaly symptoms and the s also cited in the government report demonstrate clear cause-and-effect damage resulting from both the pertussis and Tdap vaccines, with only a very small percentage of cases of damage possibly resulting microcephaly symptoms prenatal factors.

This category includes cerebral anomalies, chromosomal disorders, neurocutaneous syndromes such as tuberous sclerosis, inherited metabolic disorders, intrauterine infections, family history of seizures, and microcephaly. Are microcephaly outbreaks caused by Zika as the media claims, or by vaccines and other sources of chemical exposure? This thorough review of vaccine safety by the U. The many case reports, case series, and controlled observational epidemiological studies summarized in the paper all point to a direct relationship between the DTaP vaccine and infantile seizures.

Interestingly enough, the microcephalic impact of both the DTaP and pertussis vaccines is far more evident than with the Zika virus, which the media has been going nuts over as the cause microcephaly symptoms various observed microcephaly outbreaks in the past year. Note: DTaP is a vaccine given to children younger than age 7 to develop immunity to three deadly diseases caused by bacteria: diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough pertussis.

Zika Virus And Microcephaly : Analysis

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microcephaly symptoms

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What Is the Zika Virus? How Do You Catch It?

Government document confirms vaccine link to microcephaly 23, 0. Six children evaluated as part of this earlier research all developed seizures and other problems in conjunction with getting the pertussis vaccination, which the authors described mkcrocephaly being caused by one of the following: — More info direct neurotoxic effect from the vaccine ; microcephaly symptoms An immediate immune reaction from the vaccine ; — A delayed cellular hypersensitivity reaction from the vaccine ; — A vaccine-induced activation of a latent neurotropic virus infection obviously from the vaccine.

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microcephaly symptoms

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