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Microscopic single celled organism - not absolutely

An organism is an individual living thing. It is easy to recognize a living thing, but not so easy to define it. Animals and plants are organisms, obviously. Organisms are a biotic , or living, part of the environment. Rocks and sunshine are parts of the non-living environment. microscopic single celled organism.

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Microbial intelligence popularly known as bacterial microscopic single celled organism is the intelligence shown by microorganisms. The concept encompasses complex adaptive behavior shown by single cellsand altruistic or cooperative behavior in populations of like or unlike cells mediated by chemical signalling that induces physiological or behavioral changes in cells and influences colony structures. Complex cells, like protozoa or algaeshow remarkable abilities to organize themselves in changing circumstances. Even bacteria can display more sophisticated behavior as a population.


These behaviors occur in single species populations, or mixed species populations. Examples are colonies or swarms of myxobacteriaquorum sensingand biofilms. It link been suggested that a bacterial colony loosely mimics a biological neural network.

The bacteria microscopic single celled organism take inputs in form of chemical signals, process them and then produce output chemicals to signal other bacteria in the colony. Bacteria communication and self-organization in the context of network theory has been investigated by Eshel Ben-Jacob research group at Tel Aviv University which developed a fractal model of bacterial colony and identified linguistic and social patterns in colony singel.

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Bacterial colony optimization is an algorithm used in evolutionary computing. The algorithm is based on a lifecycle model that simulates some typical behaviors of Microscopic single celled organism. Logical circuits can be built with slime moulds. Microbial community intelligence is found in soil ecosystems in the form of interacting adaptive behaviors and metabolisms. Organisk bacteria that exhibit complex behaviors or coordination are heavily present in soil in the form of biofilms. Soil biodiversity, managed in part by these micropredators, is of significant importance for carbon cycling and ecosystem functioning.]

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