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Almost anyone who has come in contact with pneumonia has fully recovered in about one week, six weeks being the longest due to how severe it is. Additionally, bacterial pneumonia will most likely improve after taking antibiotics. People at risk can avoid obtaining pneumonia by adopting a few essential lifestyle changes. Tobacco is capable of doing a variety of things, including being at a higher risk of getting pneumonia. Not only does smoking interfere with the respiratory system, but it also makes it extremely difficult for your body to shield itself from diseases and germs. According to a study in the august issue of Chest, men and women who smoked more than 20 cigarettes per day are almost three times more likely to acquire pneumonia than those who never smoked. This displays how smoking plays an important factor in preventing pneumonia. Furthermore, Acknowledging your risk to assessing pneumonia can make your life less intense. One of the most efficient ways to anticipate pneumonia is getting vaccinated.

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Type of paper: Annotated Bibliography. Podolsky, S. American Journal of Public Health, 95 12 : The article proposes the essence of understanding the history of pneumonia. The article covers historical data from the emerging awareness of the disease in to the 20th century. Within this timeline Podolsky illustrates the significance of vaccine, control programs and reeducation of physicians. The author also pneumonia essay insights on how penicillin and sulfonamides affected control programs.

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As control programs regressed government concerns also become devoid. As a pneuumonia, pneumonia reverted to the private practitioners. As pneumonia essay vaccines in s tries to replace unnecessary antibiotics, this raises a public health concern for the disease. Through current clinical trials, scientists reformulate the disease to explain the challenges in private practice and public. Podolsky offers a very good suggestion on the essence of collaborative effort to curb pneumonia.

The collaboration pneumonia essay a check and balance to click potent vaccines and increase public awareness on the effects of using unnecessary antibiotics.

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Further, retransforming esswy into a public health concern lowers the complacency of the commons toward the disease. The information in the article engages readers on the history and the current challenges of pneumonia essay disease in the American government. Some parts could be very useful in opening a discussion pneumonia essay the disease. The insights are also helpful building arguments on the complacency of people about the disease because of antibiotics and vaccines.


Ruuskanen, O. Viral Pneumonia. The Lancet, This review covers viral community-acquired pneumonia in adults and children and current research methods to diagnose the disease. Ruuskanen et al. The paper pneumonia essay a good synthesis on the inadequacies of studies in the role of viruses despite modern diagnostic techniques.

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The authors also present evidences on the implication of pathogens to adults and children. Further, this review also offers insights in diagnosis, interaction of pathogens, management, prevention and future direction of scientific research. Several sections of this review provide a good material to generate discussions on the current status of research on viral pneumonia and overviews on developed vaccines. These materials could also help students to identify research gaps and develop new methods to further understand viral pneumonia on the molecular level. Zer, Y. Turkish Journal of Medical Science, 40 1 : This study explains the cause of morbidity pneumonia essay read more of pneumonia patients in a university hospital. The author examined 77 adult pneumonia essay from November to March through clinical, radiological and laboratory standards.]

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