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The shift from hand field labor to artificial labor done by machines is what we like to call the Industrial Revolution. Which is the reason why we have many of the electronics we do today. Inventors, machinist, tinkers, and engineers had the world at their fingertips. While the Industrial Revolution had may positive impacts, it had disastrous effects on all people working there and living around the factories. The Industrial Revolution was a Revolution that took place between - During this time there were some hardships and positive effects with a little bit of both. Throughout this Revolution there were more negative effects than positive effects. Work back in the. These inventions and innovations have created a lot of positive results.

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The impact of the Industrial Revolution positive effects of the industrial revolution Positive effects of the industrial revolution

Not so: Positive effects of the industrial revolution

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Positive effects of the industrial revolution Invention essay

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The Industrial revolution was a time of rapid growth and change throughout America and Europe.

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Innovations in machinery, methods, and techniques of producing goods opened up an entirely new world. More goods where able to be produced, and in a shorter amount of time. This is owed to advancements in architecture, agriculture, transportation, and communication. As an effect of industrialization, classes in the well being of people increased. Nations started to identify national pride and identities.

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It increased wealth. Factories that produce quality products have increased in numbers rapidly. The production rate is multiplied because of the innovation in machinery.

positive effects of the industrial revolution

As a result of the mass production of goods, the price of products decreased resulting to enhanced quality living. It provides life full of comfort and convenience. Comfortable, strong and cheaper houses were built every day.

Positive Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

Cheaper and fashionable clothes were designed. New appliances were invented and upgraded slowly as time passes by. The means of transportation changed enormously. It became cheaper, faster and very comfortable. Easier travel opened up new areas to many people.

positive effects of the industrial revolution

The increase in production was associated to the hike in trade. It produces new jobs and it increases the employment rate. Cities grew and offer a lot of work and opportunity. It makes a lot of people to become successful in life.

positive effects of the industrial revolution

Working from other factories is exhausting. It causes long working hours, it has bad working conditions, and undustrial are times that it causes illness and death. There are cases that factory workers got caught by uncovered machinery resulting to injury or death. Industrialization in modern cities attracts immigrants. It promises a good http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/puritan-writers-the-wonders-of-the-invisible/medieval-europe-achievements.php but not all were lucky.]

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