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The Journal publishes original empirical studies, reviews of past research, theoretical studies, and invited essays that advance the understanding of the complexities of race and its relationship to social problems. Submissions from the fields of social work, anthropology, communications, criminology, economics, history, law, political science, psychology, public health, and sociology are welcome. Your article in Race and Social Problems?

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Dubois \u0026 Race Conflict: Crash Course Sociology #7 race and social problems Race and social problems race and social problems

This has a disparate impact felt by minority communities because of a series of health inequity harms. This Article makes legal, policy, and race-and-health arguments.

race and social problems

Congress has delegated to the United States Trade Representative expansive authority to increase tariffs. This has made PPE supplies casualties of the trade war. In political terms, the Trump administration prioritized increasing tariffs over public health readiness.]

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