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Dangerous Speech Ep 87: Razib Khan razib khan wikipedia. Razib khan wikipedia

April 16, 2021

The focus is on the silk road, 2, years ago. Dense but informative. Been keeping the Friday evening Clubhouse scheduling for giving talks. Android will go live in a month.

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Benjamin Basset: pagans and Christians then and now. Life without mismatch repair. DNA from cave dirt tells tale of how some Neanderthals disappeared. Subscribe now. What are the relationship between Christianity, ancient paganism, and Western culture? Does mass secularization in the West presage a new pagan era?

razib khan wikipedia

These are just some of the questions Ben Bassett and I mull over. Bassett is an archaeologist but has a deep interest in ancient history. Three years ago he wr….

razib khan wikipedia

A new paper, Genomic insights into population history and biological adaptation in Oceaniais worth reading. There is strong evidence of more than one admixture from this lineage into modern humans.

razib khan wikipedia

And, multiple papers now support a model where various Southeast Asian groups have several different pulses. Way deeper than anything in modern humans. Some of them split kha after the west-east Eurasian hominin split. Obviously, he had to tread lightly. This was not a debate he was going to win.

April 17, 2021

The goal was not to lose too badly. Just not losing is the victory. But in the long run, the Church of the East went into decline. If you even feign the shahadathe hkan for apostasy is social death. Resistance needs to be in private because public attention is an invitation to get targeted. This part jumped out at me:.]

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