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T he novella is a glum representation of gloom, poverty, and deplorableness of the families living in the ghetto.

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It opens with Jimmie receiving a reaction essay format from readtion, and the crowds just staring and applauding instead of separating the fighting boys Crane. The streets were not a pleasurable place to stroll in the evening because of the violence and drunken men and women cursing and hurling insults. The children are engraved into the system, and they know better to keep it on the rough side for a smooth survival. As expected, there were always recipients of scathing, especially when some boy was on the receiving side.

reaction essay format

She was known for her antics and fights with reaction essay format husband Crane. The scene creates an idea of a cross-sectional struggle in the tenement, where both the men and women were not treated differently by the system. Alcohol was sold like food, seeing in the way the old lady at the corner sent Jimmie for some, though reacction came to his father who took the tin and gulped the beer Crane. Mary was also into alcohol, and it was the reason she was always chaotic.

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The first time we meet her, she is asked by her reaction essay format the reason she was always drunk, to which she denies saying that she had not taken a drop of alcohol Crane. However, from the way her mood swings from violence to sadness, and the way she jerks on Reaction essay format when she breaks a plate, it article source evident she was living in a constant oscillation from a bad mood to another bad mood, never settling for a good moment Crane. She had surrendered to drinking because it made her life easy or just forgetful. The situation is similar to modern deprived communities where people live in constant wants, so much so that they just sink into drinking liquor to forget about their problems Crane.

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The death of Tommie should be a low moment for any family. In places where human life is revered and valued, death comes as a blow to the people and mourning takes days. some situations, the families never get to recover from the death of their loved ones.

reaction essay format

But this was the residence where people lived in pitiable conditions, and the death of Tommie could be viewed reaction essay format a relief to Mary since she had one less mouth to feed. The fact that it gets to that level raises fears on the ability of people from poor societies to know happiness and grief, going by the fact that they live their whole lives swinging from one difficult to another, washing away their sense of humanness Crane.]

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