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Ivan I is the oldest son of Alexander I and his wife, Maria I, and succeeded his father as the Tsar of Russia in when his father passed away. Therefore, Ivan I brought the Romanov lineage back into the picture as part of Russia's ruling dynasty, in which the Petrovich-Wrangel dynasty, under Ivan I's request, formally became known as the Petrovich-Wrangel-Romanov. After marrying Grand Duchess Maria, he adopted the Romanov surname as part of his full name. Ivan I is perhaps most-known for making a woman's lineage a legitimate part of inheriting the throne. Fan Feed More Alternative History. romanov dynasty in russia

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Isle and Empires by Stephan Roman gives a unique insight into the often overlooked role of the Island in the Anglo-Russian relationship. The high point of this came in when the Tsar and his family visited the Island in order to set the seal on what it was hoped would be a century of Anglo-Russian cooperation and peace.

Nine years later, war click revolution had destroyed the Romanov dynasty, and their British royal cousins stood accused of having denied them safety and sanctuary in Britain. Michael Hunter, curator at Osborne House, said of the book: "It is a wonderful exploration of the connections romanov dynasty in russia Russia and the Romanov family had with Britain and the Isle of Wight.]

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