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The novel begins with George and Lennie traveling through the California wilderness to get to a depression ranch just south of Soledad where they are going to begin new work. They had to leave their previous jobs in a town called Weed because Lennie had caused.

In the end of the book Of Mice and Men, a man feels that he must kill his closest friend.

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George is the name of salinas valley great depression character that kills his friend. His friend that he killed was named Lennie. Lennie is a very large man that had very serious mental issues. Once his aunt passed away, George decided to help Lennie. They have been a pair through the whole book. Final Reflection My writing from freshman year demonstrates that my strengths as a writer are creating a hook, relating my point to the reader, and writing an introduction. One of my strengths as a writer is creating a hook.

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A hook is the first sentence of an essay. The inseparable pair travels together to find work to gather enough money and fulfill their dream of being independent. Unfortunately, every time they find work, their dream gets farther and farther. More often than not, the experiences and memories that one undergoes as he or salinas valley great depression grows up become the basis and storyline of their fiction writing. Looking back, John Steinbeck left behind a legacy through his writings such as Of Salinas valley great depression and Men, The Red Pony, and The Pearl, salonas with a special touch of his personal life and embedded moral lessons. John Steinbeck was born on February 27,in Salinas, California.

He was the only son, with two older sisters and salinxs younger sister. Lennie is a nice, huge man who always follows his beloved friend, Gorge, everywhere. The personality of Lennie is of a young kid who conveys the reader with the feeling of innocence and liveliness. Lennie is one of the most important characters in this story. The existence of Lennie has inspired hope to other characters in many different ways. For example, because of Lennie, George and Candy have. Men would go far away from their families in search of any jobs they could get, with only themselves more info confide in; colleagues only filling in the void of friends and family partially.

This theme of the unforgiving nature of the world and how it leaves letters of transmittal with more disappointment than good is present in much of American literature. In the book, grfat represents symbolism whether it is the characters or the setting of the time and place they are in. The American Dream is the idea that any man or woman can make his or her own fortune, despite his or her past. The principles of the American dream are hard work and determination it is believed that this will ensures success.

Through the creation of the main characters of the play and novella Arthur Miller and John Steinbeck show that. The book is about two men named Lennie and George. It tells a story of how the two men live, travel and work together. They are ranch workers who travel around looking for ranch jobs during the great depression. George, a smart man, and Lennie a salinas valley great depression, strong man, but limited in his mental capabilities work in tandem to support each other.

They have this dream about owning their own ranch, with deprwssion own animals, and their own land.

salinas valley great depression

The two men get away and then try to take a bus to their ranch. The bus does not get them all the …show more content… In the play Of Mice and Men, the actors did a good job of imitating the characters in the book. In the book, George was the caretaker of Lennie, and it was the same in the play. George took care of Lennie, trying to protect him from Curley and his wife.]

salinas valley great depression

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