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Saratoga Campaign Mission #4 Declaration of Independence; European War 6 1804

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Listen Listening An effort to establish a new non-partisan ballot line in Saratoga Springs city politics launched Wednesday. Dalton, who left the Republican Party earlier this year, is also running for mayor in a now three-way race to replace outgoing Democrat Meg Kelly. Dalton hopes her new Saratoga Strong platform will draw in voters who are put off by polarized national politics. The two-party system has never had people more polarized and outrage politics has reached new heights. Along with Dalton, Adam Israel — also a former Republican — is joining the effort with his bid for Commissioner of Finance. Saratoga campaign

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He was already on his way across the Atlantic when the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. Kosciuszko arrived in Philadelphia before the end of August, and on the 30th of that month, a petition he wrote was read aloud in Congress. His petition requested that he be assigned to the army of General George Washington. At the time, Kosciuszko was thirty years old, born in Poland in February He was the youngest son of a Polish family of noble background, but of limited wealth. This academy was located in Paris where, for four years, he studied military strategy, fortification, defense, and engineering. Kosciuszko obviously knew Polish very well, but he also spoke French and German and eventually, he learned to speak English. He was polished in manners, modest in nature, knowledgeable in science and was also an amateur artist. While Congress considered his request for a place in the army, he was pressed into service by the worried Council of Safety in Philadelphia. saratoga campaign

On Thursday, April 8,at a.

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They had generously agreed to help us move concrete blocks to support the local restaurants on Henry, Caroline and Phila Street. One year ago, D. Collins had donated and installed these concrete blocks in the same places.

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Over the winter, the City Center had stored them so that they could be reused. With several new restaurants participating this year, D. Collins would again help us out. Standing there looking at the blocks before they were moved, the four of us reminisced a little bit.

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But the virus had other ideas. We had been meeting every week since. We had been talking, texting and collaborating nearly every day since.

saratoga campaign

We did this. We are still doing this. It was this Saratoga Crew that gathered information that all of us shared via email and social media to help local organizations to stay informed about EIDL and PPP loans; reopening protocols; special promotions and events.

We coordinated on a range of advocacy efforts. We created and distributed hundreds of recovery kits filled saratoga campaign PPE to area employers as reopened.]

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