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Similarities between jfk and abraham lincoln Video

Lincoln \u0026 Kennedy Assassinations Compared Preview similarities between jfk and abraham lincoln. Similarities between jfk and abraham lincoln similarities between jfk and abraham lincoln

There have been o many overwhelming coincidence in hi tory that have ometime become the ba i of variou con piracy theorie and eriou hi torical di tortion. Of cour e, uch theorie are far from reality.

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There have been so many overwhelming coincidences in history that have sometimes become the basis of various conspiracy theories and serious historical distortions. Of course, such theories are far from reality, but this does not mean that coincidences are fiction. Here are just some of the historical coincidences that seem simply impossible, but were quite real and actually happened.

similarities between jfk and abraham lincoln

Inat the request of the municipality of Rouen, the artist Rebbe Charbonne painted a painting entitled "Joan of Arc at the stake". A young student named Jeanne Lenois posed as a model. But literally a day after the painting was officially hung in the showroom, in the laboratory of the university where the girl studied, reactors exploded, which led to a fire. Jeanne, who was there at that time, was burned alive. Inon the eve of the largest landing operation in Normandy, an interesting crossword puzzle was published in The Daily Telegraph, which included the cryptographic names of native soccer operation, Neptune, Utah, Omaha and Jupiter.

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All of this was suspected of leaking information, and the Army Intelligence Service investigated the case for a long time, but no matter how hard they tried, they could not find any evidence of malicious intent. The crossword puzzle was written by an elderly village school teacher who was even more concerned about what was going on than the military. An equally mysterious coincidence happened with the American astronaut Neil Armstrong. Inshortly after he set foot on the moon, he said, "I wish you the best of luck, Mr. Returning to Earth, the astronaut admitted that when he was a child and played with friends, he ran into the yard of a neighbor whose last name was Gorski.]

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