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CC Commander - Title of a person typically ranked military member in charge of a group of people. Offers programs to get connected and benefits to explore the local area. OGV Official Government Vehicle - A vehicle owned and operated by a government agency that is typically exempt from certain fees. PCS Permanent Change of Station - An assignment to a new duty station, which will typically range anywhere from years. TDY Temporary Duty Station - An assignment to a location that is not considered permanent, these orders can be as short as a few days or as long as a year. VML Vulnerable to Move List - Typically comes out a few times each year and is a list of people vulnerable to move, being on this list does not necessarily mean you will move. Usually with a bachelors degree or a certain number of college credits if currently enlisted. AC Aircraft Commander - The ultimate authority on the aircraft - regardless of rank; in terms of progression, the next level is IP.

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Snco blog Anxiety physiology
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Effect of population on environment essays 18 hours ago · Digital Original: 2 ways to fight the winter blues – KX NEWS. Posted: January 16, at pm. The winter months are brutal on our skin and our bodies. Apr 13,  · Cart 0 0. 2 days ago · After all these years, I’ve finally found the perfect scenario to describe a normal day in the Marine Corps. Another possible title to this blog would have been: Why I Have to Get Out Before I’m Driven Insane. Here it is: Everyone asks about a typical day in the Marines. There really is no such Continue reading Motivation.
snco blog.

Here it is:. Everyone asks about a typical day in the Marines. For instance: a light bulb needs changing at the shop. Five minute job.

snco blog

It happens to be the bulb in his office. This officially gets the Chain of Command involved.

As a Senior Enlisted, this task is beneath him as well. This process takes 30 minutes. It is now What can we do snco blog prevent this in the future? Nsco bulbs only burn out because Marines are complacent. The biting sarcasm is the first step in me getting severely pissed off. This second formation lasts another half an hour, and ends when the Snco blog passes the task onto the Platoon Sergeant. The Platoon Sergeant is basically a parrot. He calls everyone together in an informal formation and repeats everything that the Gunny and SSgt already said. I am visibly seething at this point, because I am almost 25 years old and have successfully changed a light bulb on more than one occasion.


This takes twenty minutes. We then get the ladder and the bulb, sjco climbing the ladder, and the Safety Staff Non-Commissioned Officer SNCO stops us to ask if we are aware of and equipped with the proper Personal Protective Equipment for the task of climbing a ladder. We thought we could just climb the ladder, like millions of people do every day. We, the same Marines who ran the obstacle course in Boot Camp many times, climbing splintery wooden structures twenty to thirty feet high with no safety equipment whatsoever; we, who have done our jobs on the battlefield while taking daily incoming mortar rounds hell, several snco blog daily in OIF II are creating unsafe working conditions by not wearing safety glasses and rubber gloves when changing a light bloh in the shop.

We are a disgrace to ourselves, snco blog our families, to our Chosen Deity, and most importantly, to Beloved Corps.

snco blog

The Gunny lets us go to complete our task. We are dispatched to find the proper safety gear. We find it.

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We snco blog back and snxo to mount the ladder. Enter the Sandbag. I call him the Sandbag because he is a man who slows down the entire unit with his dead weight. And he almost realizes how stupid his idea is; it was there in his eyes for a moment, snco blog glimmer of self-awareness. We have to test the light bulb by bringing in another light, plugging it in, and fitting it with the bulb.

To the surprise of no one but the Sandbag, it works. But my body is now shaking with absolute homicidal RAGE at altitud mexico city level of stupidity; it is all I can do to unclench my fists. As such, when I get the damn bulb unscrewed, I drop it. It breaks. Surely this man would be downright dangerous to have on the battlefield, so it is my duty as a responsible Marine to take him out of the equation. My right hand is already snco blog to do so when my buddies take me away to run to the store snco blog get a new bulb. We get it and bring it back. Chow snco blog. We just want to fix the light and have done with it, but the Sandbag insists we go to chow. We have lunch. We grab the light, put on our protective equipment, mount the ladder, screw in the bulb, and bam!]

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