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And the misuse of the rhetoric of the Holocaust is appalling. Many public commenters compared the concept of a vaccine passport to the yellow star Nazis made Jewish people wear in Germany and its territories during the Holocaust from to A couple residents also wore a yellow star to the meeting. She said the yellow Star of David and the vaccine passport are two completely different things. So on that level alone, it is beyond inaccurate and totally inappropriate. This week, rumors of a county-mandated vaccine passport began circulating on social media symbols of the holocaust a large public turnout at the Supervisors meeting with more than speakers relaying concerns about the vaccine passport.

County health officer Dr. The answer now is no.

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Can the private side do that? He said the digital records are needed after a string of forged vaccination records being sold online. He said people are right to be worried about potentially mandated vaccine passports and other aspects of the pandemic, but comparing symbols of the holocaust to the Holocaust delegitimizes their concerns. He compared the recent string of Holocaust comments to the Know Nothing Party from the s. They proudly called themselves Know Nothings. Allied forces began finding Nazi-run death camps early April — 76 years ago — when they were closing in on the Third Reich on both the western and eastern fronts.

symbols of the holocaust

In late AprilU. Some soldiers were reportedly so enraged at finding stacks of bodies in railcars, they lined up German soldiers and shot them. Rachlis said many people are angry and scared during the pandemic, leading them to group together on the internet and proliferate Holocaust comparisons and conspiracy theories. Social media posts of people selling vaccine cards, so-called symbols of the holocaust exemptions and other documents have been circulating in recent months. As of Holocaudt, people were hospitalized, including 30 in intensive care units, according to the county Health Care Agency. The virus has now killed 4, people — roughly nine times the number killed by the flu on a yearly average.

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Orange County has averaged around 20, deaths a year sinceincluding annual flu deaths, according to state health data. Last year, more than 24, OC residents died, according to the latest state health data. Spencer Custodio is a Voice of OC staff reporter. You can reach him at scustodio voiceofoc.

symbols of the holocaust

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