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Too much Creatine- Lesson learned the hard way! taking too much creatine Taking too much creatine

Acne The ingredients in pre workout which can cause acne are caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

taking too much creatine

The caffeine can cause dry skin which may aggravate acne, and the artificial sweeteners can increase insulin resistance, which has been linked to txking. Nausea Unfortunately, creatine is one of the ingredients in pre workout that can make you feel queasy. In one studyALS patients took either 10g of creatine or a placebo over an average period of days.

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Takint Research suggests that creatine significantly increases water retention. In other words, it makes your body store more water, which can cause bloating. Increased Anger According to researchcreatine may cause aggression in certain individuals. For example, a study of 19 subjects had 10 males take creatine and 9 males take a placebo. After taking mg of daily creatine for a week, 2 of the participants felt more aggressive and nervous.

Here’s whether you can take creatine as a pre workout:

Also, a quick peek on Google shows that a few folks feel angrier when taking creatine. That said, if the creatine helps you crank out more reps, then your body temperature may increase more than usual, as more energy is being burned. To help combat this rise in body temperature, your body may sweat more to keep you in homeostasis.

This will give your muscles enough time to absorb it. Also, most studies taking too much creatine on creatine have used 5g of creatine as a serving size, so it would make sense to take 5g.


Most tubs of creatine come with a 5g scoop, so this should be easy enough! One of the main benefits of taking creatine as a pre workout is that there are fewer side effects.

taking too much creatine

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