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the life of pi movie online

Carrying that to an even greater extreme, what would happen if there was a freak accident in which the ISS needed to be evacuated and no space craft was available? For example, suppose two human-qualified vehicles are docked with the ISS. It would rip right through that vehicle.

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Suppose it ripped open a propellant tank. Suppose some of the resulting debris opened holes in the ISS, and other chunks opened holes in the other escape vehicle. The answer is simple: The astronauts and cosmonauts on the ISS will die. Being an astronaut, cosmonaut, or taikonaut is not exactly the safest career choice. Potential astronauts have to be willing to accept that possible outcome.

They also have to be not willing to desire that possible outcome. The ISS is intended to be two lf tolerant regarding loss of life at the three sigma level with respect to reasonably plausible failures.

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The ISS is not even one fault tolerant with respect to some outrageously implausible root causes such as my hypothetical 10 cm asteroid. It's also noteworthy that the three sigma level is not that high of a bar; modern Earth-bound manufacturing is moving toward making the devices they make safe and reliable at the six sigma level. Bottom line: There are semi-plausible scenarios where astronauts or cosmonauts will die. This is a risk that astronauts and cosmonauts sign on for, but it also is a risk that they work very aggressively to counteract.]

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