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. The ten commandments movie clips the ten commandments movie clips

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For the large crowd shots, at least 14, extras and 15, animals were used while filming The Ten Commandments. Sinai stone with Cecil B. Inscription is identical to the props in the film. Commentary for the film's DVD edition chronicles the historical omvie done by DeMille and associates.

The man who designed Moses' distinctive rust-white-and-black-striped robe used those colors because they looked impressive, and only later discovered that these are the actual colors of the Tribe of Levi.

Arnold Friberg would later state cips he was the one who designed Moses' costume. As a gift, after the production, DeMille gave Moses' robe to Friberg, who had it in his possession until his death in Moses' robe as worn by Charlton Heston was hand-woven by Dorothea Hulse, one of the world's finest weavers.

the ten commandments movie clips

She also created costumes for The Robeas well as textiles and costume fabrics for Samson and DelilahDavid and Bathshebaand others. Jesse Lasky Jr. Arnold Friberg, in addition to designing sets and costumes, also contributed the manner in which Moses ordained Joshua to his mission at the end of the film: by the laying on of hands, placing his hands on Joshua's head.

The Pharaoh is usually shown wearing the red-and-white crown of Upper and Lower Egypt or the nemes royal headdress. For his pursuit of the Israelites, he wears the blue Khepresh helmet-crown, which the pharaohs wore for battle. Sets, costumes and props from the film The Egyptian were bought and re-used for The Ten Commandments—including the red-and-white double crown.

the ten commandments movie clips

As the events in The Egyptian take place 70 years before the reign of Rameses II, an unintentional sense of continuity was created. An Vlips wall painting was also the source for the lively dance performed by a circle of young women at Sethi's birthday gala. He agreed, expressing the idea that De Carlo's role was special, and that Moses was to fall in love with her.

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Inside the set were a mess tent, a wardrobe department, and a stable for horses for Egyptian cavalry sequences. Rear projectionan in-camera effectplaced cloud effects behind Charlton Heston The " blue screen " technique was used for this composite shot The movi photographic effects in The Ten Commandments were created by John P. FultonA. The parting of the Red Sea sequence is considered by many to be one of the greatest special effects of the ten commandments movie clips time.

the ten commandments movie clips

It was eventually revealed that footage clils the Red Sea was spliced with film footage run in reverse of water pouring from large U-shaped trip-tanks set up in the studio backlot. Additionally, Jewkes' voice was enhanced by the use of the vox humana stop of the Salt Lake Tabernacle organ. McKayasked for and received permission to record the organ from President McKay. Initially, DeMille hired Bernstein, then a relatively unknown film composer, to write and record only the diegetic music required for the film's dance sequences and other onscreen musical passages, with the intention of employing frequent collaborator Victor Young to write the score proper. However, Young turned down the due to his own failing health, causing The ten commandments movie clips to hire Bernstein to write the underscore as well.]

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