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O'Neill Sr. John High School in Cambridge, where he was captain of the basketball team; he was a lifelong parishioner at the school's affiliated parish church St. John the Evangelist Church. From there he went to Boston Collegefrom which he graduated in Entry into politics[ edit fom See also: — Here legislature Tom regan quotes first became active in politics at 15, campaigning for Al Smith in his presidential campaign. Four years later, he helped campaign for Franklin D. As a senior at Boston CollegeO'Neill ran for a seat on the Cambridge City Council, but lost; his first race and only electoral defeat.


The campaign taught him the lesson that became his best-known quote: " All politics is local. His biographer John Tom regan quotes Farrell said his background in Depression-era working-class Boston, and his interpretation of his Catholic faith, led O'Neill to view the role of government as intervening to cure social ailments. He remained in that post untilwhen he ran for the United States House of Representatives from tom regan quotes home district. Kennedy in He would be reelected 16 more times, never facing serious opposition. His district, centered around the northern half of Boston, was originally numbered as the 11th District, but became the 8th District in During his second term in the House, O'Neill was selected to the House Rules Committee where he proved a crucial asset for the Democratic leadership, particularly his mentor, fellow Boston athens hostelworld and later Speaker, John William McCormack.

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Johnson and came out in opposition to America's involvement. While the decision cost O'Neill some support among older voters in his home district, he benefited from new support among students and faculty members at the many colleges and universities there.

tom regan quotes

In the House of Representatives itself, O'Neill picked up tom regan quotes trust and support of younger House members who shared his antiwar views, and they became important friends who contributed to O'Neill's rise through the ranks in the House. Nixon in light of the Watergate scandal.

The Democrats, however, lacked tom regan quotes disciplineand while the Carter administration and O'Neill started out strong with the passage of ethics and energy packages inthere were major stumbles. Troubles began with Carter's threats to veto a water projects bill, a pet project of many members of Congress. O'Neill and other Democratic leaders were also upset by Carter's appointments of a number of his fellow Georgians, whom O'Neill considered arrogant and parochial, to federal offices and White House staff. O'Neill was also put off by Carter's frugal behavior in cutting executive staff and reducing the scale of White House entertaining.

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Carter, a Southern Baptist, even ended the practice of regna alcohol other than beer and wine at the White House. As Carter's term began in earlyDemocratic leaders on Capitol Hill were invited to the White House for a tom regan quotes with the new President, where Carter served them sugar cookies and coffee. O'Neill, a man of expansive appetite, expected the until-then-traditional eggs and sausage. He looked across the table at Carter and said, "Mr.]

tom regan quotes

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