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Constitutional Validity of Capital Punishment

Home » Jeremy Bentham- A former prodigy who was the founder of modern utilitarianism Jeremy Bentham- A former prodigy who was the founder of modern utilitarianism April 17, 1 min read Jeremy Bentham thrived as an English philosopher, utilitarianism capital punishment reformer, jurist, and economist regarded as the founder utilifarianism modern utilitarianism. Born on 15 February in London, England, and died at the age of Early life Jeremy Bentham was born on 15 February in a wealthy family who supported the Tory Party.

utilitarianism capital punishment

He was talented beyond his age, or to be precise he was a Child Prodigy. At an early age of just three, he studied Latin and learned to play the violin at seven. He was close to one of his siblings, Samuel Bentham.

utilitarianism capital punishment

The former prodigy also won a reputation for writing Latin and Greek verses at Westminster School. Jeremy Bentham- founder of modern utilitarianism He was one of the leading theorists in Anglo-American philosophy of law and a political radical. Moreover, his ideas influenced all the people across the world with the development of welfarism.

Capital Punishment and Society's Views Essay

As one of the few people in that era, he advocated individual and economic freedom. Moreover, he raised his voice against slavery, physical punishment, and capital punishment, including that of children and an early animal rights advocate. For discovering the principles of legislation, he just settled down.

utilitarianism capital punishment

In this book, he explained the principle of utility.]

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