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Water crisis quotes - can believe

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China and South Korea say the water from the wrecked nuclear plant could affect food safety. Hashtags trending on Chinese social media are calling for a boycott of Japanese seafood in protest.

water crisis quotes

Japan has decided to release contaminated water accumulated at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear ceisis into the Pacific Ocean — but its neighbors are not happy. Tokyo announced this week that it would gradually release more than 1. South Water crisis quotes and Chinese governments have voiced concerns that the radioactive water from the nuclear plant could affect food safety and have grave ramifications on marine life in the area.

water crisis quotes

According water crisis quotes Kyodo Newscivic and environmental groups in South Korea held rallies in Seoul yesterday, holding up placards near the Japanese embassy in Seoul to protest the move. Protesters toted banners with pictures of salmon steaks, prawns, and mussels with radioactive symbols slapped over them, shouting slogans and calling for Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to reconsider his decision. The decision spawned more than a million comment threads on Chinese social media platform Weibo the Chinese version of Twitter in the last 24 hours.

water crisis quotes

The Japanese government assured its neighbors that it would filter the contaminated water before release. But that statement on its own has not inspired confidence, considering previous scandals that the Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings TEPCO — the corporation involved in handling the water — has been involved in. TEPCO admitted in that radioactive material had not been filtered out of the water it processed, despite the company maintaining for years that it had. Koo also called water crisis quotes transparency regarding how the contaminated water is handled and asked for regular inspections to be carried out.]

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