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The salem and other witch hunts by mike kubic mike kubic is a former correspondent of newsweekmagazine. This week in class, we're reading salem memorializes those killed during witch trials by merrit kennedy. The salem witch trials are quite unique, in that they were so intense and yet came towards the end of the witch hunting era. Kubic connects these seemingly unrelated tragedies in a way that. Those accused were charged with various crimes. The salem witch trials also serve as a dramatic parable of the deadly consequences of making sensational, but false, charges. Salem witch trials study guide 29 terms. Witchcraft is a very powerful form of sorcery that channels its power from the devil. Salem village was located in what colony? The salem witch trials is a period largely considered a case of mass hysteria: Start studying the salem and other witch hunts. what caused the salem witch trial hysteria of 1692 what caused the salem witch trial hysteria of 1692

Get your price The following days, a mass number of townspeople were contemplating and panicking about the new news of witchcraft. This is how the notorious Salem Witch Trials had begun, from a fad that changed history for colonial Salem. Rather soon, authoritarians had begun witch hunting, not for those who were already prefaced to be witches but those who followed the demisely popular fashion of a witch. Witches were seen to have relationships with the devil Satan. Supernatural beliefs also stated that witches would do these bizarre deeds for magical purposes, transforming into different creatures, especially humans. All this social panic and social change led towards the executions and trials. Collective behavior started playing a role through society. These conditions were of possessing and giving deathly diseases.

But, what was even further appalling are the conditions to those convicted and accused of witchcraft faced.

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The Salem jails were filthy and foul. Ccaused imprisoned were surrounded by complete darkness and a rat infested environment. In addition, those convicted had collectivity to each other, which reveals the unfair nature of the accusations. In total there were known to be one hundred fourteen people imprisoned of those who were accused of witchery.

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These drastic conditions resulted in the death of around twelve people, not counting towards all those hanged at Gallows Hill. The cruelty faced to these innocent townspeople made certain intellectuals urge the truth towards the unfair conformity faced by the convicted. One profoundly educated man Thomas Brattle calculatedly scrawled a letter to Massachusetts, using technology, inscribing his letter with various sources of evidence proving wrong the hoax that was being spread.

Soon, on October 29th of the same year, Governor Philips issued a principle eliminating cauaed arrestment of those accused and letting go of many imprisoned. Furthermore, Philips ordered any further trials to be supported with sufficient and legitimate evidence.

This concluded to a much peaceful decline of the Salem urban legend. This was a reformative movement to society, ending the false claims and hoaxes. The Salem Witch Trials that had occured did not just make for a historical event that ended quickly, it led to a slow, eventual equilibrium in society. In conclusion, the Salem Witch Trials did what no other here did in American history hysteris urge for a much better fair and justified court ruling system caussed Salem.

And, even up till this day, we still see the affects the trials check this out done to not just North America, but also the rest of the world. In Russia, to this day, women are accused of witchcraft, meaning social what caused the salem witch trial hysteria of 1692 are still to take place in the future regarding witchery. The Salem trials can be seen as something to learn from. Injustice that was out there in those times provoked the wiseman to stand up for what is right. We learned as a society through those times to justify everyone through correct evidence.

what caused the salem witch trial hysteria of 1692

Similarly, in society nowadays, same rules apply. Read more such as large hate crimes remind us to never stop pursuing a better conformed society.

Unknown illnesses that we discover make us want to gather information on how to avoid the spreading of it than just trying to get rid of the disease within a community, the opposite of what the trials did. The trials taught us not to conceal our destructive discoveries. The so called fungal disease the girls in the Salem Witch Trial were said to have been bewitched through turns out to be Ergotism. The trials also urged a movement towards human rights.

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For example, today we have the Amnesty International Organization especially for cases like these that cause crowds of irrational fear and crime to occur in society. In modern context, the trials also extended the government aspects that are enforced in America today. Sociologists can conclude best that only through trial and error our society can evolve, and that changes do not take place over time, and that fads, rumors, hysterias, and hoaxes only cause harm to our community.]

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