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what is so unique about embryonic stem cells

The Inter active Fly Genes involved in tissue and organ development. Hundreds of genes participate in oogenesis, the building of the egg. The egg is a highly structured chamber.

Targeting Cell-Surface and Intracellular Markers of Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) for Cancer Therapy

Its RNA, DNA and proteins do not roam freely, but rather are directed and controlled by the egg's dorsoventral polarity and anterior-posterior axis. Neither is the egg cell an independently created entity. It receives input from two other ynique sources: nurse cells and follicle cells. Follicle cells envelop the maturing, pre-fertilized egg. Information is exchanged between oocyte and follicle cells, conditioning and preparing all parties for the rapid changes that will ensue after fertilization See Cwlls. Nurse cells article source nutrients the embryo will require, storing them in the yolk, as though filling pantry shelves in anticipation of future need. Given this simplified picture of oocyte development in a pre-fertilized state, one may ask not only what happens next, but working backward, where does the egg comes from in the first place?

The fly needs to build not only eggs, but an organ system "factory" for their production and delivery.

Stem Cells And Its Effect On The Body Essay

Soon after fertilization, pole cells bud from the posterior end of the blastula [ Images ], the earliest cellular phase of aboug development. Budding from this terminal or polar region gives them their name. They are the germ line for the next generation, and also referred to as such.

what is so unique about embryonic stem cells

These germ line stem cells, that will eventually locate to the adult ovary, are the precursors of the eggs or in males, the sperm that will produce the next generation. Pole cells are carried dorsally, enter the posterior midgut rudiment, move between the endodermal cells and split into two groups, one for each ovary-to-be. In effect, the ovary structure is built around eembryonic germ line stem cells.

what is so unique about embryonic stem cells

Oviducts, accessory glands, uterus, vagina and external genitalia are all of ectodermal and mesodermal non germ cell lineage, derived from the genital imaginal disc. The separation of the pole cells from the rest of ste developing embryo is one of the first events in morphogenesis. They will be held in reserve, locate to the adult gonads that will be assembled during the third instar larva stage.]

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