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The natural elements are earth, fire, air, and water. The elements reveal some of the distinctive characteristics of the signs. Pisces is one of the water signs, and water signs are known for being sensitive, emotional, and sentimental. The water element tells us that Pisces is one of the most sensitive signs of the entire zodiac. A Pisces guy needs a woman who understands and appreciates his sensitivity. She should be careful with his heart and make a conscious effort not to hurt him. He wants a woman who will be as sensitive to his feelings as he is to hers, so the typical Pisces guy embraces an emotional, understanding woman. Nurturing A Pisces man enjoys taking care of other people, and he likes feeling wanted and needed. He admires this same trait in members of the opposite sex. A Pisces guy is drawn to a woman who likes to nurture others, not because he needs to be taken care of, but because he sees this as a beautiful, admirable quality. capricorn male pisces female dating

To all my sisters who want to increase their intimacy with a Capricorn man Ever feel like your Capricorn man keeps a thing or two for himself? The secret is asking him the right questions.

capricorn male pisces female dating

How can I be sure of that? Well, the 4, years old science of astrology and decades of experience in psychology and relationship counseling have unveiled to me exactly how Capricorn intimacy works.

Unlike the majority of women, Capricorns aren’t afraid of loneliness.

Of course, intimacy and transparency were prerequisites to long-term relationships and marriages that my sisters now enjoy. Before I do that, however, I need to tell you: 1. How to perceive intimacy if you want to align with your Capricorn' astral psyche. He loves sex. He really, really enjoys it, right?

capricorn male pisces female dating

Now, you may think that an adequate sexual approach is the key that will unlock his intimacy… and yes, passionate sex can work as a good prelude, but the main course is… a simple talk. Exchanging information. Conveying your emotion, your thoughts, your wishes, dreams, traumas, fears, pleasures, etc. Actually, when your communication is impeccable… sex calricorn WAY better because your emotional connection is more intimate Yes, communication is what distinguishes a successful long-term relationship from a short-term fling.

Intimacy calls for psychological nudity between you two. Without it, sex feels like mere dry humping. It can capricorn male pisces female dating exciting and pleasurable… but it can never substitute for the real thing. Intimacy is about communication… and so is sex.

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Sex is in its essence a form of communication. You should also psychologically open up to receive his being into yours and merge your two souls into one. A safe bet is to go for your greatest weaknesses or insecurities.

capricorn male pisces female dating

But the key thing to do is to emphasize that you never ever told this to anyone before. Actually, feel free to beg him not to share it with anyone. That sort of thing touches Capricorn deeply. I guarantee that it will also move him to trust you.

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Neat, huh? Now that you got him to allow you the entrance to the maze of his being, you'll need to navigate in order to get to the treasure in the center of that maze. I'll tell you how to set your course straight so that you don't roam the maze in vain forever. In other words, you got him to open up… but what now? Unless you ask him the right questions, his willingness to capricorn male pisces female dating to you will dissipate and the conversation will just pivot into meaningless chit chat.

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You need to ask him the right questions! Why does asking the right questions matter? Because questions are the way to kickstart the conversation and his interest in you just right… You see, indirect questions are a non-invasive method of getting him to pour his heart out. There are some conversations that you should avoid starting directly with your Capricorn lover. You need to make it look like the conversation naturally gravitated towards the question of how he perceives you.]

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