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NYPD video shows terrifying moments before Brooklyn police shooting

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New details emerged in the fatal, accidental shooting of Thomas Marrinan outside a Kensington pizzeria Monday night, when he was called to the scene by his retired correction officer pal, whose year-old father was being harassed by the suspect, Michael Soto. Thomas Marrinan, who was killed in a scuffle-gone-awry in Brooklyn was a doting dad and beloved neighborhood fixture, kin and pals said. Soto, who witnesses said was drunk at the time, was taken to the hospital for his injuries. Michael Soto was held without bail following his arraignment late Tuesday. He is charged with second-degree manslaughter, second-degree attempted assault, and criminally negligent homicide. He was held without bail following his arraignment late Tuesday. dating nypd

Share this article Share Another cop tries to deescalate the situation and leads his colleagues away as the irate man continues to yell racial abuse.

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Moments later, a man passing by on a bicycle overhears the slurs and calls out the abuser. 10pm curfew dating nypd been instituted to keep people from gathering, littering and making noise after hours in Washington Square Park The man boasts that he works 'for the state' rating yells that he pays the officers' salaries.

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As the NYPD officers disappear in the distance, the man turns toward the camera recording his rant and dating nypd that his offensive words 'don't go out to all Asian people,' but rather only to the police. He then repeats the assertion that 'black people cannot be racist. People protesting the curfew clashed with the police on Ny;d, resulting in nearly two dating nypd arrests 'Each day, NYPD officers are expected to maintain a level of professionalism under an array of difficult circumstances,' a police spokesperson said. However, it is disturbing to see this type of language used against any Asian person in light of the disturbing increase of Asian hate crimes citywide.

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Over the weekend, Washington Square Park became the site of dating nypd clashes between the police and people protesting a new 10pm curfew that has been put in place to crack down on large public gatherings, littering and noise, reported New York Times. Officers in riot gear were seen wrestling with protesters chanting 'abolish the police' while removing them from nypc park.

dating nypd

The incident resulted in nearly two dozen arrests. It is unclear if the man in the Reddit video was part of the protest against the curfew.

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