How to hook up ice machine on fridge -

How to hook up ice machine on fridge Video

How To Hook Water Line Ice Maker To Fridge how to hook up ice machine on fridge

What is Nugget Ice?

Received 0 Votes on 0 Posts washing machine motor hook up I bought an old wood lathe at a garage sale a couple of years ago. Seller said drive motor was from an old washing machine. I didn't realize at the time the the electrical cord was not attached to the motor.

how to hook up ice machine on fridge

Cord has two spade connecters on black and white wire. Green wire is cut off with no metal showing.

What You Can Do with Nugget or Sonic Ice?

So I am trying to get it running without burning it or shortening something out. A friend looked at it and said the wires should attach to the far left tab and the tab marked 1. Tried it, nothing no smoke or hummm or movement. Nothing again. Repair guy I stopped at gas station said far right tab and 1. Bingo, motor runs at what is probably slow speed. He also said motor should have several speeds example spin dry.

He said far right is ground and tabs 5,3,4 should be different speeds. When I connect one ac wire to ground tab and move the other wire from No 1 to each of the others nothing. What I would like to do is find tabs for higher speeds with out running motor. Pic of whole motor, picture of electrical connections, drawing of connections with numbers as best I can make out. One wire connected to far right tab which repair guy said was ground.]

how to hook up ice machine on fridge

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