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40 year old woman dating younger man Video

Is It A Bad Idea To Date A Younger Man? 40 year old woman dating younger man

Once you're older, the age gap isn't that big of a deal but I don't know. Datihg except one of the men I've dated have been no more than two years older. The "age gap" guy was seven years older, divorced with children. I didnt and still don't want children of my own, so I was looking forward to being with a person I meshed well with who'd already had kids and didn't want anymore.

40 year old woman dating younger man

Funny enough, he was more uncomfortable with the age gap at first, largely due to optics I look younger than I am and he looks older and being afraid of his friends accusing him of going through a midlife crisis. However, the longer we dated, the more it seemed like he actually was looking for a power imbalance I'm not sure.

Towards the end, it seemed like I was the mature one and was happy to part ways. So I don't know. I'm still leery of older men.

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The approach has largely been borderline predatory. It is very interesting that you mention feeling like the mature one. I really feel you on that. Both of my marriages have been to older men.

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The first one, I was 18 and he was 29 when we met. The second, I was 36 and he was Now they're night and day, in terms of being good or bad relationships and a whole lot of other things. But both have in common that in some ways, neither of them really "grew up" in the manner that most adults do, to what one would expect at their age, though it manifests very differently.

The first one is now in his mid 50s and he was a disaster when we met and he is now.

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The ways in which he failed to mature are of the kind that make a person straight up dysfunctional, but with him it tied into mental yfar struggles and a bunch of just There is so much more to what's wrong with him, than an age difference can account for. Second husband did learn to be calm, frugal, he's got good emotional intelligence and mental health. But he just did not participate in many of life's typical milestones. I'm his first wife, and he never had kids.

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He knows and respects the areas where I am wiser than he, because of experiences I had that he did not. He does not take me for someone he can shape to his liking or condescend to.

40 year old woman dating younger man

When it comes to life choices, I think I'm steering our course more than he is, though I place a lot of weight on his needs and priorities and serve our collective best interest. He is a dreamer, I'm a "get things done" kind of person.]

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