Modern warfare remove sbmm -

Modern warfare remove sbmm

Modern warfare remove sbmm - cannot

Every try to open last match, cause crashes-freez a game. And please dont share this rap-chicken-pizza consumer morons here on ytube, this chicken-pizza-eaters are so brain dead annoing. I'm doing cod gameplay for my youtube channel and I deleted so many videos because the whole team left the match! Gavin H. modern warfare remove sbmm

I understand Treyarchs approach to these burst marksman rifles, the fact that they moved them to marksman rifles puts them in a class of higher damage.

modern warfare remove sbmm

If they were in the AR class it would be easily justified. Your Krig kills in shots already.

modern warfare remove sbmm

Before you tell me you get one bursted, go into a private match without taking any secondary damage from anything else. The M16 needs to get rid of the fire rate attachments for one, it needs a mobility and movement speed nerf to compete with other ARs. You still move the same speed as smbm you carry a fucking MP5 with a full size M Treyarch really goofed on this. ADS speed can be nerfed on it too to compensate for the burst approach they seem to be leaning to.]

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