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Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin proposed to test residents of Donbass on a polygraph after the "reintegration of territories not controlled by Kiev", which the Ukrainian authorities hope for. What are we going to do? For example, you can do a total polygraph for loyalty to Ukraine if you have Russian passports," the ex-minister is quoted by the Ukrinform agency. However, according to Klimkin, whether this will work in practice is a big question. However, it is no longer possible to use the previous strategy concerning Donbass, he stated. a foreign affair ukraine dating. A foreign affair ukraine dating a foreign affair ukraine dating

During the conversation, the parties discussed the current state and possibilities of developing bilateral ties in political-diplomatic, trade-economic, and cultural-humanitarian fields. The parties exchanged views concerning further strengthening of Turkmen-Ukrainian cooperation in the area of trade and investments.

a foreign affair ukraine dating

Special emphasis was made on the expansion of contacts in the area of education and culture.]

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