Blake the bachelorette becca -

Blake the bachelorette becca blake the bachelorette becca blake the bachelorette becca

On to bigger and better things. Truly the end of an era. Thank you for all the years of hard work and love you put into the show.

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I have a lump in my throat writing this. Can't wait to see your next move.

blake the bachelorette becca

I love you. So much love.

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Can't wait to support you in your next endeavors. For me you were always a familiar and comforting presence over my last 10 years of being part of bacheloregte franchise. Thank you for your friendship. Looking forward to seeing you soon. No one does it quite like Mr. Chris Harrison.

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News exclusivelyshe said, "You know what, they always mix things up. It's unfortunate to see Chris go.

blake the bachelorette becca

I know a lot of people are really big fans of him. He's definitely a staple, he's been the host for years. What a loss for the show. Myself included. One thing I know is that you [sic] will above all of this! I am proud to call you bafhelorette friend.]

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