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Carbon dating crash course carbon dating crash course carbon dating crash course

Views Description Its no secret that warming temperatures are transforming landscapes in extreme northern regions. In Alaska, where wildfires have burned through many old-growth spruce forests in the past half decade, deciduous treessuch as aspen and birchare starting to take over. But little is known about the impact these changes ceash have on how much carbon the forests release and store.

carbon dating crash course

To find out, researchers trudged through the Alaskan taiga, seeking out wildfire sites where spruce once dominated. They carsh these sites for information on carbon and nitrogen stores and forest carbon dating crash course over time. What they found surprised them: In the long run, their estimates suggest that intensifying heat and more wildfires may lead to more carbon sequestration in Alaskan forests, they report today in Science.

Its impossible to know for sure that the flames will subside, but it's a bit of good news as the fires burn out the old growth and bring in the new.]

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