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With lockdown impacting the whole country, these celebs will be relying on virtual dating instead. Here's everything you need to know What is Celebs Go Virtual Dating about? As you might expect, this spin-off series will focus on the online dating world. Together, the three of them will help the celebs navigate the often complicated online dating scene. In addition to this, Rob Beckett returns to provide hilarious voiceovers. The line-up has not yet been confirmed, but we do know that four celebs will take part. Despite not knowing who'll be starring, Paul C Brunson has teased his thoughts. Yes you can! If you want to revisit some of the older episodes, all eight seasons are available via All4. celebs go dating online Celebs go dating online celebs go dating online

The original, which ran from in various incarnations, did include the likes of Farrah Fawcett, John Ritter and Steven Martin taking part, but that was before each was famous. And the series starts on a high note, with Bachelorette star and Dancing With the Stars mirror ball champion Hannah Brown as the first celeb looking for love.

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We just do it. We wanted to put him on the show because we knew it would be a great episode.

celebs go dating online

He was dead set on delivering a musical performance with a really aggressive wink to the audience. Working with Zooey is a blast. We genuinely had a ton of fun doing this show.

celebs go dating online

And just as in the original series, Celebrity Dating Game pushes the envelope with sexual innuendos during the interview segments. The challenge was making somebody blush, but keeping the show what we want it to be.]

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