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They are most likely from medla profile used by the Cupid company for sending a bunch of messages and tricking men into paying to read them. An experienced person who can detect the difference cupid media service real and fake profiles does have a chance of meeting a real person. Which I did. It's a slick scam - women are either fake or having sinister motives.

cupid media service

The company behind this cupidmedia outsource creation of communities to hackers who hack Facebook and steal their identities, with little recourse or way of getting the new account shutdown. Other Issues. Our postal address.

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Customer Service. Therefore, I can only conclude that the false profiles that send a bunch of messages emdia identical phrases or often times asking identical questions must be created by professionals at Cupid Media to fool gullible people or, at least gullible men, as I do not know how the site works for women into believing a lot cupic women are interested in and messaging them. Within ONE week, men can receive nearly to over messages with multiple messages saying the exact same things, verbatim. Cupid media service link in that email takes you to the message in site, which is mostly blocked out if you are cupid media service a paid member, stating that you must have paid subscription to read them.

If you do pay, you will realize that the messages are fake. Cupid Media Pty Ltd Some, however, are scammers from various places. I have actually met good women on this and another site. But some of those cupid media sites the girls may only wanna take advantage out of you so just be cautious!

cupid media service

Their profiles were verified. While it is possible to find and meet cupid media service people this and other dating sites, there are definitely an incredible amount of fake messages delivered to men's mwdia, especially immediately after signing up but before payingand especially even more during the times you are logged in to the site. Both turned in to relationships. Conversations are not possible.


This happened to a link of mine today! The only site where women never asked me for money and never balked at showing themselves on video wasJ4Iove. Our office address. And then said once I pay for 1 month, i will get my original refund of the 1 year subscription.]

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